Courses and fees

Our selection of courses has been designed with simplicity in mind:

Intensive Spanish course
1 week120 € ($168)
2 weeks230 € ($322)
3 weeks325 € ($455)
4 weeks400 € ($560)
Registration fee50 € ($70)
(All levels - 20 hours a week)
DELE preparation course
4 weeks525 € ($735)
Registration fee50 € ($70)
(All levels - 20 hours a week)
Private lessons
1 hour, 1 person25 € ($35)
1 hour, 2 people35 € ($49)
Note: the prices in dollars are approximative, according to the international exchange rates.

Our courses are divided into three levels:

Three levels

The student will pass a level test before the start of the course in order to get homogeneous groups.

Our classes focus on five key basic skills to achieve a sound level of communicative ability in the language:

Real communicative ability
Oral expression and interactionWritten expression

Our courses also concentrate on Spanish culture, rather than simply the language itself, and include sections on the following:

Spanish culture
Music and cinemaArtPolitics, etc.

The individual interests, aims, and learning styles of students are central to our teachers' class preparation. As our groups are small, no student's needs will be left unattended.

Your registration fee includes:

A welcome pack with a map of Sigüenza and tourist information about the town and region.

A coursebook and further educational materials.

A certificate that you have completed the course.

The four week courses include:

A guided tour around Sigüenza.

A lesson in Spanish cookery, teaching you how to cook a Spanish tortilla, paella, and other dishes.

A guided tour around Madrid, taking in its most significant cultural sites such as the Museo del Prado, Reina Sofia,Thyssen Bornemisza, and many more (train and entrance fares not included).

Intensive Spanish course

A general course in Spanish language and culture aimed at students of every nationality, who wish to progress quickly, effectively, and in a relaxed and motivating learning environment.

As well as classroom activities, students complete daily homework exercises, and every two weeks take an exam to assess their progress.

Intensive Spanish course
Dates:courses begin every Monday, excepting holidays
Duration:from one week to one year
Levels:elementary, intermediate, and advanced
Group size:from 4 to 10 students [1]
Number of lessons: 20 a week, each 60 minutes long [1]
Timetable: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 till 13.30 [2] [3]
[1] If a group has less than four students, 12 private classes of 1 hour will be taught in place of the 20 group lessons.
[2] The timetable includes a 30 minute coffee-break. Some courses take place in the afternoon rather than the morning.
[3] No classes are given on bank holidays, in 2009: on the 6th of January, the 19th of March, the 9th and 10th of April, the 1st of May, the 1st of June, the 17th of August, the 12th of Octuber, and the 7th, 8th and 25th of December. Classes can be arranged during the Christmas period. In the event of two bank holidays falling in a single week, one of these days will be made up.
DELE preparation course

The DELE, or the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, is jointly awarded by the Instituto Cervantes and the Ministry of Science and Education. It's an official title that indicates four different levels of proficiency in Spanish, these being A1, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, and is recognised internationally. The exams can be taken three times a year, in May, August, and November.

The exams are taken in five sections:

DELE exam
Section 1:Reading
Section 2:Listening
Section 3:Written expression
Section 4:Grammar and vocabulary
Section 5:Oral expression

The next opportunity to sit the exam is on the 15th of May 2009.

Our DELE preparation course lasts four weeks, for a total of 100 hours. 4 hours a day are spent in our general Spanish course, with a further hour each day dedicated to preparation for the exam.

Our next DELE preparation course begins on the 20th April.

Exam fees, to be paid to Instituto Cervantes, are as follows:

DELE exam fees [1]
A1 level:95 € ($133)
B1 level (beginner):120 € ($168)
B2 level (intermediate):140 € ($196)
C2 level (advanced):155 € ($217)
[1] These fees are for the exam itself, and are not included as part of the course fees quoted above. They cover registration for the exam and the administration associated with matriculation, and have to be paid before a certain deadline. The examination can be taken in Alcalá de Henares, 1 hour by train from Sigüenza.
Private lessons

For those registered on one of our courses that want to further their progress or look more deeply at a particular language area.

Design your course

If you are looking for a course tailored to the needs of a specific group, such as a business or other professional grouping, please contact us to discuss the design of an individual programme and accordant prices. Courses designed for the following:

Design your course
Business Spanish [1]Spanish art and history
Spanish in tourismSpanish culture and literature
Legal SpanishSpanish for teenagers
[1] Spanish business course for the preparation of the Comerce and Industrie Camar of MadridDiplom.