Our courses, in a historical building

We teach in Sigüenza's Palacio de los Infantes, a Baroque building situated in the San Roque quarter, which is nearby to La Alameda park. Its balconies have fantastic views onto the town's Cathedral, and was originally constructed as a home and school for the Cathedral choir children. The palace is connected to the Cathedral by a patio at its rear. The classrooms are situated around a beautiful arched patio, and are comfortable and well-equipped. The building also has a residential area, with both lodging and eating facilities, available to students.

Teaching at SEGONTIAE

We are committed to a high level of teaching, and all of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, have graduated from university, and specialise in teaching Spanish to foreigners. Some are also fluent in English, German, French, and Italian. Their personality and dedication ensure the success of our courses.

Classes are given in groups of 4 to 10 students, which guarantees personalisation and allows students to progress in accordance with their individual needs.

The effective study of any language requires a teaching style grounded in the act of communication, and our classes allow you to meaningfully communicate in Spanish from the very first day. We look to adopt our communicative methodology to the needs of the individual, while focusing on the following crucial language skills:

After doing a simple level test and being assigned to the appropriate group, the student will be provided with all the basic materials necessary for the course. Along with a course book, our classes make use of 'authentic' teaching materials such as newspapers and magazines and other audiovisual aids.

Learning a language is about so much more than just grammar and vocabulary, and we therefore emphasise the study of Spanish culture, looking at literature, history, politics, society, and Spanish life in general.

An excellent class atmosphere is crucial to a student's progress, and our teachers, skilled in group interaction and dynamics, strive to create a relaxed and motivating learning environment.

One of the advantages of living in a small town like Sigüenza is that learning continues outside of the classroom, in students' interaction with the town's inhabitants, especially if you choose to live with a Spanish family. Our teachers will be delighted to serve as your guides during your stay, introducing you to Sigüenza and allowing you to put what you've learnt into direct practice.